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Highly Rated Mediation And Forwarding Firm

We pledge the highest possible results all while providing a professional, ethical and transparent approach for all parties affected. We are committed to offering excellence in all aspects of the process. At any point in the process, prior to retrieval, we are open to mediate with all parties for the proper release of the UCC liens and security agreements involved.

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Accounts Receivable Management

Those who obtain the information have the power! We help train our  clients to understand A/R management from 31 days past due and beyond.  This helps to ensure minimal losses and calculated cash flow to keep  your business profitable and growing!

Custom Tailored Approach for your Company

We are not only your receivable mediation firm but an extension of your company, that secret weapon down the hall in your arsenal against lost receivables and lost customers. Utilizing our vault of vast amounts of information, we have the  tools and expertise to get the results you desire in a manner that suits your company’s image.

Full Service International Department

We have senior investigators with many years of experience that have recovered in over 70 countries and have the means and capabilities to do so in over 200 countries worldwide. We maintain a multilingual staff and offer translating services in over 100 countries.

we love what we do

Flexibility in Approach

Historical studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Economics reveal that each day after a receivable becomes 90 days past due, you have a problem, regardless of the reasons provided by the customer. We can do the “soft audit” mediation for your existing clients through a full-scale litigation recovery effort.

Cash Flow

Cash flow and customer retention is key to maintaining your position in the market place and not losing profit dollars and customers to competitors.

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